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Achieving great things in communities

…the Vital Places Way

Vital Places identifies the intrinsic character and concerns of your community, and makes them the foundation for shaping a stronger future.

Working with you and other community leaders in a strong partnership process, we help you break down communication barriers and empower your community with local ownership, leadership support and stakeholder buy-in. This approach helps deliver effective change within the context of political, community and budgetary requirements, with a strong focus on accountability and transparency.

Five Critical Action Phases

We’ll strategically manage the five critical action phases of your infrastructure project, as follows:

1. Facilitation

Facilitation of workshops and other communication processes where your stakeholders are encouraged to articulate and better understand their unique needs, expectations and desired outcomes.

Your stakeholders will also be given the opportunity to contribute to the development of project specific visions. Integrity and ownership are key guiding values in this critical foundation phase.

2. Formulation

Formulation of catalyst infrastructure and place-based enterprise strategies that integrate experience, insights and new ideas to deliver sustainable change and growth for your community.

This phase uses the development of an integrated action plan to generate a powerful strategic cluster of sequenced initiatives. These initiatives are designed to deliver sustained physical, social and economic outcomes for your community.

3. Finance

Finance helping you develop a strong business case for supporting public and private sector funding to deliver new cost-effective and better-leveraged public infrastructure.

This phase requires patience and persistence, and above all, consistency in the community vision and supporting strategy forged from the previous phases.

4. Management

Management of your project delivery process at both macro and micro levels to ensure the delivery of triple bottom line and community-based benefits.

Key areas of focus include budgetary constraints, integrated outcomes, managing stakeholder expectations with transparency, and effective resource management.

5. Success

Success focus on the development of evaluation processes and measures based on an innovative, community-specific approach to public infrastructure projects.

This ensures the original project vision is delivered to the community… the ultimate test of success!

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