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What is Smart Infrastructure?

Smart infrastructure practice is based around an understanding of the three key infrastructures of:

Service Infrastructure

Growth Infrastructure

Catalyst Infrastructure

Service Infrastructure provides the base line to the community’s quality of life expectations. It is infrastructure that is seen by the community as a given to ensure common standard of living. eg;. water, roads, sewerage, rubbish etc.

Growth Infrastructure responds to growth needs. Its purpose is to avoid unnecessary constrictions to existing growth. eg; road widening, sewerage treatment plant upgrades, port facility expansion, public transport and housing initiatives.

Catalyst Infrastructure is an upfront investment to stimulate growth that will strengthen the community. eg; public amenities, clustered facilities, multipurpose service centres, events, generally anything that is the missing catalyst to attract private sector investment in good growth.

Smart Infrastructure is how you combine Service, Growth and Catalyst Infrastructure to strengthen local identity and lifestyle AND build stronger regions.”

In townships and communities that are missing out on the benefits of regional growth, smart infrastructure provides a framework for delivering good local growth.

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