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Will your project create a better place for people, business, and the planet?

Discover a new Road Map for place-based projects that captures the best ideas to increase local lifestyle and sustainable employment.

With this Road Map you can boost Place-based Project IMPACT by:

  • Developing ideas that align local values with economic security.

  • Formulating decision making frameworks that promote trust.

  • Setting realistic action plans that prioritise the things that matter.

For more information connect with Your Project Guide & Navigator: Robert Prestipino | Director & Founder | Vital Places


Road Map Overview

  • "The Place-based Project Road Map is the result of working on 100+ local initiatives over the last 35 years of design practice. Although shaping places involves many stakeholders and systems, Great Projects are driven by five key components as briefly outlined in the Road Map Overview video."

    Robert Prestipino - Founder and Director at Vital Places



    • A Common Challenge:

      Many great projects are challenged by fractured local support, limited social and economic benefits and a weak business case.

      A Common Desire:

      We often struggle with developing projects that deliver broad advocacy, enhanced sustainability and a low risk investment.

      Achieving IMPACT:

      Successful projects are purpose driven investments that enhance local lifestyle and support new opportunities for sustainable employment.

    Score Your Project

    The New IMPACT PROJECT Road Map

    Leverage your best thinking to fast track transformation


    Developing the Best Project Brief


    Use Place Thinking to reveal local values, unique place-based assets, and anticipated the forces of change beyond your control.


    Defining Your Project Footprint


    Use Design Thinking to generate ideas that "tick all the boxes" local support, financial feasibility and purpose-driven investment.


    Creating Your Investment Pitch


    Use Lean Thinking to develop the best investment pitch to enhance confidence in the project's viability, governance, and project team.


    Accelerating Your Implementation


    Promote transformation through best practice implementation, systems innovation, and low risk sustainable investment.

    Discover Deeper Insights to your ability to create better places for people, business, and the planet


    IMPACT Project Road Map

    Accelerating your project’s social, economic, and environmental impact requires leveraging your best thinking.

    IMPACT Projects seek to deliver your best ideas through a systematic delivery pathway of Vision, Agility, Alignment, and IMPACT.

    This pathway guides the application of Place, Design, and Lean thinking to develop low-risk transformative projects that enhance local lifestyle and support sustainable employment.


    #1 Protect Lifestyle and jobs for the kids!

    Listen HERE for the full podcast.

    #2 Young families drive the regional future!

    Listen HERE for the full podcast.

    #3 Transform dirt to sustainable employment!

    Listen HERE for the full podcast.

    #4 The Brand advantage of lifestyle!

    Listen HERE for the full podcast.

    SEGRA TALKS Insight #5

    "Have you the courage to be the champion and the advocate for the project? Because I can tell you it really doesn't matter the quality of the design and the consultants or the technical expertise you bring.

    Every successful project I've ever been involved in has been driven by local champions that will push through, they'll be grounded and have the vision. If local leaders don't have the passion and courage to lead the change, it won't happen, no matter who designs the plan or where the government money comes from.

    So I'd be asking the question, have you the courage to lead innovative change in your community?"

    Listen HERE for the full podcast.


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    Trusted Advisor to Decades of Happy Clients

    After decades of providing specialist project design and implementation services to the public and private sector Vital Places works hard to bring the best place-based advice to every unique project challenge.

    "Thank you Robert for choosing our stage to share your powerful message.

    You captured our hearts and imagination, validating what we collectively feel is required to transform the mindset that is Business in the Gympie Region."

    Sally Garrahy

    Commercial Property Specialist Gympie

    "You were the most nominated speaker for “Stand out speaker at SEGRA”. Your practical, common sense examples and in particularly your approach to genuine community consultations was particularly valuable. Thank you again for a presentation described as ‘excellent, excellent’."

    Kate Charters

    SEGRA Convenor

    "The passion, belief and honesty Vital Places has brought to this challenge has transformed our Council. For the first time, we not only own a vision for the future of our Shire but we now have the tools to deliver it."

    Pino Giandomenico

    Mayor, Hinchinbrook Shire

    It's Time to Make a Difference

    Tap into the insights, frameworks, and systems developed from over 35 years of award-winning place shaping practice fast track the IMPACT of your next improvement project.

    Vital Places can guide you in creating the catalysts for new jobs, business growth, a stronger community identity and better lifestyle for families. We can help you achieve the best blend of public and private investment in high IMPACT place-based change.

    About Your Guide

    Robert Prestipino is a Passionate Design Thinker & Project Innovator for Regional Leaders seeking to create places that will thrive in the future.

    He is a qualified Urban Designer, Registered Landscape Architect, Corporate member of the Planning Institute of Australia and an Australian Certified Economic Developer. His work has received 19 national and international awards for his best practice approach to creating better places for people and business. His revitalisation project Our Town Our Future secured $15 million in project funding for a regional community of 12,000 people.

    For the last 35 years Robert has regularly contributed articles, presentations, and workshops on the challenges of delivering catalyst projects. Robert’s advice on design and sustainable development is highly regarded, resulting in his invitation as the keynote presenter at TEDxGympie on the theme of regional innovation.

    "Is it ridiculous to think that every project will make a difference?"

    No, it’s not. 

    "Is it impossible to deliver projects that make local places stronger?"

    No, it’s not. 


    Let’s Talk About the IMPACT You’re Going to Make!