In a world that changes faster than we would like…in ways that seem to diminish our future. We need new tools to guide change. We need…


“Good Growth

……change that strengthens communities.”



If you need to know about…

  • Developing good growth strategies

  • Setting realistic action plans about things that matter

  • Securing funding and implementation partnerships

  • Developing a decision making framework that promotes trust

  • Delivering catalyst projects that enhance local identity and lifestyle…


Vital Places can help you customise a solution

that delivers “Good Growth” for your community.


We will guide you in creating the catalysts for new jobs, business growth, a stronger community identity and better lifestyle for families. Vital Places will help you achieve the best blend of public and private sector investment in smart infrastructure…


NEW SITE!Digital Mainstreet a new initiative for Considered Conversations on the future of Regional communities.


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